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Why Choose Shorten Homes?

What comes to mind when you think of the phrase “American Dream?” Homeownership is probably at the top of your list. Yet, for many Americans, it seems to be a dream that’s too far out of reach—especially during a time of sky-high housing prices and interest rates. Although conventional stick-built homes may be out of reach during times of economic uncertainty, Shorten Homes remains an affordable, achievable solution.

The Shorten Homes Solution

Shorten Homes, founded by Jim Shorten in 1977, has been helping families achieve the American Dream of homeownership for 45 years and counting. Our architects and master craftsmen have built more than 5,000 homes over the years. We focus on giving our customers options, which means you can choose from a wide assortment of floor plans and customizable touches, ranging from quite affordable to breathtakingly luxurious.

Few home construction companies can match our production. So, how do we pull it off? Quite simply, it’s because we specialize in modular home construction, rather than conventional stick-built homes. Modular homes are prefabricated, which means we build them with care at our factory. Then, we ship them to your home site, where our crew of master craftsmen assembles them. Our modular homes are a compelling alternative to the traditional building process, which is far more expensive and takes much longer to complete.

The Reasons Why Shorten Homes Are More Affordable

It costs a bundle to design and construct conventional stick-built homes. Consider the process. First, you need to hire an architect to design a custom home. Then, you need to prepare the land, move all of the equipment and building supplies to the site (not an easy feat), and move a crew of workers to the site to begin building the home, one 2X4 and drywall sheet at a time.

It is a labor-intensive, time-inefficient process that drives up the cost of homeownership. In contrast, investing in a modular home is far more affordable and provides the same advantages of homeownership. All of the equipment, building supplies, and craftsmen are at the same building site every day. They assemble each home in turn in a climate-controlled facility (no need to worry about weather delays). 

When constructing a modular home, there is no need to worry about workers having to make last-minute dashes to the hardware store because someone didn’t buy enough roofing nails. With all resources and crews onsite, the building process is far more efficient—and this saves money. Those savings are then passed on to the homeowner.

The Compelling Aesthetics of Shorten Homes 

People often shy away from modular homes because they assume that they are comparable to trailers. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Modular homes are almost exactly like conventionally built homes. In fact, if you were to drive down the street and see a stick-built home on one side of the road and a prefabricated modular home on the other, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Modular homes can be large or small, one-story or two, with eye-pleasing features like covered porches and elegant foyers.

At Shorten Homes, we offer a diverse assortment of floor plans for you to choose from. You can choose your number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, colors, and materials. We’ll walk you through all of your options in our design center. Unlike a traditional home shopping experience on an MLS site, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you want your kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms to look like. It’s luxury home shopping at its finest, but without the hefty price tag.

Our Modular Homes Are an Excellent Investment in Your Future

Modular homes, and Shorten Homes in particular, are a reliable investment in your family’s future. Unlike trailers, modular homes have a resale value that is comparable to their stick-built counterparts. Modular homes are also durable and built to code. And when you choose Shorten Homes, you can trust that your new home will be built with high-quality building materials to the exacting standards of our master craftsmen. When you invest in a Shorten Home, you can rest assured your investment will stand the test of time.

You Can Move in After Just a Few Months

You might think that it takes a long time to build a custom modular home, transport it to your site, and assemble it onsite. On average, it takes seven to 12 months to build a home from scratch the conventional way. But you won’t have to wait that long to enjoy being a homeowner.

Our modular home building process takes a mere 10 to 12 weeks at our factory. Then, we’ll transport your new home to your site and quickly assemble it. You can become a proud homeowner much sooner than you’d think.
With 45 years of excellent service and thousands of homes built and sold, Shorten Homes is the premier choice for aspiring homeowners. We are your path to achieving the American Dream. From affordable to luxurious, Shorten Homes allow families to live and thrive in the comfort and security of their own homes. Contact us today at info@ShortenHomes.com for more information or stop by our main office in Scranton, PA to tour our modular home models and explore our design center.

Shorten Homes understands that there are dozens of questions a new home buyer has when they are looking to build. Therefore, we have taken the time to answer a few of the most frequently asked question below.

What kind of homes does Shorten Homes sell?
Modular & Manufactured Homes

Does Shorten Homes provide a Warranty with their homes?
Yes, a Ten-Year Protection Plan on Modular Homes.

Can Shorten Homes provide the foundation and site work for my new Modular Home?
Yes, within 60 miles. However, homes are built up to 150 miles.

How long has Shorten Homes been in business?
Shorten Homes has been in business for over 40 years.

How many homes does Shorten Homes offer?
Shorten Homes has a variety of furnished and fully decorated Models on display at their location and on their website, with hundreds more to choose from.

How many homes has Shorten Homes built?
As of the end of 2018, Shorten’s has sold more than 3,750 homes.

How long does it take to build a Shorten Home?
On the average, 10-12 weeks.

Are modular homes as sturdy as stick-built?
Sturdier, Modulars are the strongest of all frame-built homes and by far a better investment.

Can I customize or modify my Shorten Home?
Yes. In fact, almost all customers make modifications to their home to create their custom-designed dream home, including kitchens and baths.

Do you have financing available?
Yes, we have several finance options, plus low interest rates are available to qualified buyers through the numerous banks we work with.

Can I obtain my own financing?

Do I need to schedule an appointment?
No, we welcome walk-ins!

How can I be sure I’m purchasing a quality home?
Quality building has always been the number one priority with Shorten Homes. All Shorten Homes are constructed precisely using jigs and state-of-the-art tools, so the product meets exacting quality standards. In addition, building materials are stored under roof and all building activity is done in a controlled environment. This produces a better quality product because there is minimal warping of lumber, decking and sheathing due to the weather. It also creates a more efficient building process and better material usage.

How much cash do I have to put down?
Depending on the bank, no down-payment may be necessary.

How far from your location does Shorten Homes build?
Up to a 150 mile radius.

Does Shorten Homes offer complete installation?
Yes! Shorten Homes will do as little or as much as you would like.

Can I get a garage and a deck?

Yes, these are very popular options and are always built on-site to your preference.

Can I see how homes are built?

Yes, we can arrange for a factory tour in a state-of-the-art facility so you can see how our homes are built.

Does Shorten Homes offer land for sale?

No, however we can recommend realtors in your desired build area.

Do I have to obtain all of my own building permits?

If you choose Shorten Homes for your site work, we will take care of all necessary permits and paperwork for you.

Can you give me a general idea of the home buying process?


  1. Pre-qualify and identify your budget
  2. Select and price your home with options
  3. Put down a deposit and sign the sales agreement
  4. We will conduct a site check and evaluation to provide you with an accurate building estimate
  5. Apply for building permits
  6. Finalize home plans and sales agreement, sign off on drawings and order blueprints
  7. Apply for your mortgage
  8. Once approved, the Mortgage Commitment Letter is issued by your lender and a tentative home set date is scheduled
  9. Lender prepares and schedules your closing date and the home set date is finalized
  10. Construction begins!

I have a home on my property. Will Shorten Homes take it down?

Yes, we will. However, additional costs are associated with demolition and/or removal.