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Shorten Homes BBB Business Review

For more than 45 years, our family-owned and operated company, Shorten Homes, has been helping people like you achieve the American Dream of homeownership. We’ve built thousands of fully customizable modular homes in our factory in Scranton, PA and delivered them near and far. Our success is due in no small part to our outstanding customer service. When you partner with Shorten Homes, you’re never just another customer. Our entire team is completely dedicated to ensuring your full satisfaction. Our customer-centered approach has resulted in our team winning countless awards over the years. Experience the Shorten Homes difference for yourself.

Our A to Z Process Ensures Peace of Mind for Our Homebuyers

From the moment you first get in touch with us until long after you move into your beautiful new home, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive, A to Z approach to customer service. You can take as much time as you need to sort through all of your design options, and we’ll be here to answer every question at length and in detail. No request will ever go unanswered. Whether you want to add a story to your floorplan, reduce its square footage, or source your own preferred paint, we’ll always accommodate your request.

Our A to Z process is completely transparent. You’re always welcome to visit your new home as it’s being built in our factory. You can also visit the construction site while we’re erecting your new home on your property. Throughout the process, we’ll conduct a series of walkthroughs, during which you’ll learn about what’s happening and get all of your questions answered.

Our Partnerships With Trustworthy Suppliers

There are countless building material brands and suppliers, but at Shorten Homes, we focus on quality. We believe that providing our homebuyers with goods and materials of exceptional quality is a cornerstone of our customer service. Our philosophy is that high-quality goods directly translate to satisfied customers. Shorten Homes maintains longstanding relationships with all of our factories, enabling us to get any extra materials we need and to conduct any necessary exchanges of goods before we pass the home along to you.

Our service applies to absolutely anything and everything that you have purchased from us—from shingles to flooring. It also extends to our services. In the event that we weren’t involved in a particular request of yours, we’ll still handle the legwork for you. (For example, you might have decided to purchase custom hardwood from a different supplier.) We won’t just point you in the right direction to fix the problem, but we’ll directly obtain the concrete information you need to move forward.

Our Homebuyer-Focused Final Walkthrough

Moving into your brand new home is an exciting transition in your life! But before you start unloading the furniture, we’ll do a final walkthrough of your new home. Our friendly team will go over every inch of your new home with you. We’ll explain how the various features work and we’ll ensure that every single component of your home is flawless before you move in. This is a good time to ask any lingering questions you might have. During the final walkthrough, we’ll also go over our warranty information and troubleshooting guides.

The most important part of the final walkthrough is ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our entire team is focused on making sure that you:

  • 100% love your new home
  • 100% love your Shorten Homes experience
  • Are 100% happy with every step of the process 

Our Exceptional Service Doesn’t Stop on Your Move in Date

For most homebuyers, their relationship with the home seller ends the moment the last form is signed and the keys are handed over. There is no one to contact if something goes wrong. You might, for example, discover months later that an incorrect installation has led to accumulated water damage—and you would be responsible for finding a contractor and paying for the damage to be fixed.

At Shorten Homes, we do things differently. Our worry-free warranty will cover you for a full year after you move in. During that time, if any problems at all are discovered, our dedicated service team will fix those problems promptly. We’ll provide comprehensive service for any issues at all, ranging from cracks in the walls due to settling to insulation problems. Whether it’s siding, shutters, electrical work, or plumbing, we stand by the entirety of our work.

What’s more, we know that some homeowners like to alter their homes a bit after moving in. Perhaps you’ve decided that your dining room would look fantastic with dramatic crown molding or maybe you feel that a different style of cabinetry would look better in your new kitchen. Or perhaps you’ve realized you need additional light fixtures in your home office. Whatever your desired modifications are, you can purchase those new items at a reduced cost.

When you’re ready to achieve your American Dream and become the proud owner of your very own home, we’re here to help. Contact Shorten Homes today at info@ShortenHomes.com to get the ball rolling and plan your visit to our design center in Scranton, PA. We’ll walk you through all of our amazingly customizable floorplans and optional features, and answer all of the questions you have about the building process. And don’t forget—we offer a worry-free warranty for your peace of mind!