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Shorten Homes is a leading builder of beautifully crafted modular homes. Unlike most modular homes, however, ours are fully customizable to suit the unique needs and preferences of your family. When you choose a Shorten home, you can opt for our floor plans with standard specifications. 

However, you can also work from the standard specs to create the home of your dreams. For example, you could choose to add another story to a one-story home, or vice versa. You can alter the dimensions, the square footage, and the number and placement of rooms. Virtually anything you can dream up, our builders can make come true.

What Is the Value of a Shorten Homes Modular Home?

When you decide to achieve the American Dream with help from Shorten Homes, you’re partnering with a company that has decades of experience leading the modular home industry. We’ve built thousands of customized modular homes since our founding in 1977. Our longevity and long track record of more than satisfied customers are due in part to our emphasis on unsurpassed customer service, high-quality components, and excellent craftsmanship.

Our homes, built in Amish country, offer an overload of options to choose from. From structural elements to cosmetic touches, we’ll walk you through everything from foundation to roof to ensure that your home is nothing less than perfect. For your peace of mind, each of our homes is backed by our ironclad 10-year warranty.

What Advantages Do Modular Homes Have Compared to Site-Built Homes?

If you were to take a tour of a site-built home (also called a stick-built home) and a modular home, you would not be able to tell the difference between the two. However, choosing one of our modular homes offers the following advantages that site-built homes can’t provide:

  • Our modular homes can be built, transported, and assembled onsite much more quickly than a site-built home can be constructed.
  • Custom modular homes tend to be more affordable than custom site-built homes. Plus, when you choose Shorten Homes, we’ll work within your budget and help you optimize your resources.
  • The materials used to build our modular homes are fully protected from the elements during construction in our climate-controlled facility. In contrast, materials for site-built homes are exposed to the damaging effects of weather throughout the build process.

What Are the Standard Specs for Shorten Homes?

Before you can get started customizing your dream home, you’ll first need to become familiar with the standard specifications. Then, you can begin determining the modifications you’d like. Here are some of our standard specifications.

Floor System

24’ Wide Single and Two-Story Homes

2” x 8” SPF Floor Joists – 16” O.C. with Solid Bridging, Double 2” x 8” Front and Rear Perimeter

26’ Wide, 28’ Wide, Split Level, First Story of 26’ Wide and 28’ Wide Two-Story Homes, and First and Second Story of 31’ Wide Homes

2” x 10” SPF Floor Joists – 16” O.C. with Double 2” x 10” Front and Rear Perimeter

24’ Wide, 26’ Wide, and 28’ Wide Homes

19/32 Agency Rated T&G Floor Decking, Glued and Stapled

31’ Wide Homes

23/32 Agency Rated T&G Floor Decking, Glued and Stapled

Exterior Walls

All Types Except 1st Floor of Two-Story Homes

2” x 6” – 24” O.C. with Single Bottom and Double Top Plate

1st Floor of Two-Story Homes

2” x 6” – 16” O.C. with Single Bottom and Double Top Plate

All Types

R-21 Kraft-faced Fiberglass Insulation

7/16” OB Exterior Wall Sheathing

Air Wrap on Exterior Walls

Marriage Walls (Structural Load-Bearing Walls)

24’ Wide Single Story Homes

Double 2” x 3” – 24” O.C.

26’ Wide, 28’ Wide, and 31’ Wide Single Story Homes

Double 2” x 3” – 16” O.C.

24’ Wide Cape Homes

Double 2” x 4” – 24” O.C.

26’ Wide, 28’ Wide, and 31’ Wide Cape Homes

Double 2” x 4” – 16” O.C.

1st Floor of Two Story Homes

Double 2” x 4” – 16” O.C.

2nd Floor of Two Story Homes

Double 2” x 3” – 16” O.C.

Partition Walls

All Types

4” @ 24” O.C.

Interior Walls

All Types

½” Finished Drywall Painted Primer Coat

8’ Ceiling Height

Roof and Ceiling

24’ Wide, 26’ Wide, and 28’ Wide Single and Two Story Homes

5/12 Roof Trusses @ 24” O.C.

31’ Wide Single and Two Story Homes

7/12 Roof Trusses @ 24” O.C.

24’ Wide Cape Homes

12/12 Roof Trusses @ 24” O.C.

26’ Wide, 28’ Wide, and 31’ Wide Cape Homes

12/12 Roof Trusses @ 16” O.C.

24’ Wide and 26’ Wide Homes

11” Gable and Fixed Sidewall Overhang

28’ Wide, 31’ Wide 5/12 and 7/12 Roof Pitch Homes

16” Gable and 16” Flip Sidewall Overhang

All Types

  • 7/16” OB Roof Sheathing
  • Fiberglass Dimensional Roof Shingles with Underlayment
  • R-38 Insulation with Vapor Barrier (Optional Storage Roof System – Spray Foam and Cellulose Under Decking)
  • Smooth Finish Ceiling with Painted Primer Coat
  • Aluminum Fascia and Vinyl Vented Soffit
  • Shingle-Over Ridge Vent and Cap Shingles


All Types

  • FHA Plush Carpet with Pad
  • Vinyl Floor Covering in Kitchen, Baths, and Utility Area
  • Vented Closet Shelves with Clothes Bar
  • Ceiling Lights in Kitchen, Dining Room, Bath, Hall, and Stairwell
  • 6-Panel White Colonial Doors with Matching Trim
  • Lever Style Locksets/Door Handles


All Types

  • 2-Lite Insulated Exterior Doors
  • Low-E Vinyl Patio Door
  • Vinyl, Single-Hung Low-E Windows
  • 4” x 4” Vinyl Siding over 7/16” Oriented Board Sheathing
  • Porch Lights (One per Exterior Door, Except Raised Ranch and Two Story Homes (2 Lights)


All Types

  • Aristokraft “Sinclair Birch” Cabinets
  • Refrigerator Cabinet
  • Open Soffit over Kitchen Cabinets
  • Self-Edge Countertop with Backsplash
  • White Range Hood with Light
  • Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink
  • Chrome Single Handle Pull Down Faucet


All Types

  • 60” One Piece Fiberglass Tub/Shower Combo
  • Anti-Scald Valve on Tub and Showers
  • Low Consumption Elongated Bowl Water Closet
  • Aristokraft “Sinclair Birch” Vanity Cabinet
  • Laminate Vanity Top with Drop-In Bowl
  • Medicine Cabinet – (1) 18” x 26” Beveled Mirror Cabinet with Integral Light Bar over Vanities through 48”, and (2) 18” x 26” Beveled Mirror Cabinets with Integral Light Bar over Double Bowl Vanities
  • Combo Fan/Light Ventilation Unit
  • Towel Bar and Toilet Paper Holder
  • Chrome Dual Control Faucet with High Arch Spout


All Types

  • PEX Water Supply Lines Stubbed through Floor
  • PVC Drain, Waste, and Vent Lines
  • Shutoff Valves Throughout
  • Energy Saver 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater (Optional with Hot Water Baseboard Heat)


All Types

  • Standard Light Fixtures, Including Dining Room Chandelier
  • Wiring per National Electric Code
  • 200 Amp Main Service Panel
  • Exterior Weatherproof GFI Protected Circuit (Front and Rear)
  • Dedicated Circuits for Refrigerator and Washer
  • AC/DC Smoke Detectors
  • Wiring for Electric Range
  • Doorbell at Front Door
  • Phone Jacks (3)
  • TV Jacks (2)


All Types

Electric Baseboard with Programmable Wall Mounted Thermostats or Hot Water Baseboard Heating Elements (Optional for 2nd Story of Two-Story Homes)

Vault Ceiling (If Applicable)

All Types Except 31’ Wide 7/12 Roof Pitch Homes

Maximum Room Length of 22’

31’ Wide 7/12 Roof Pitch Homes

Maximum Room Length of 20’

All Types

Maximum Roof Load of 60 lbs @ 24” O.C. and 90 lbs @ 16” O.C.

Cape Home Features

24’ Wide Cape Homes

2” x 4” @ 24” O.C.

90” Second Floor Ceiling Height

26’ Wide, 28’ Wide, and 31’ Wide Cape Homes

2” x 4” @ 16” O.C.

96” Second Floor Ceiling Height

All Cape Homes

  • Close-Off Package – (1) 30” Passage Door, Stairwell Walls, and Carpet with Pad
  • Future Second Floor Plumbing Lines, Heat, Electric Circuits, and Collar Ties 
  • Agency Rated T&G Floor Decking Provided for Second Floor
  • Spray Foam with Cellulose Under Decking and Fiberglass Behind Kneewalls

Cape Chalet Home Features (In Addition to Above)

All Cape Chalet Homes

Prow Extended Over Sliding Glass Doors

Glass Panels Over Sliding Glass Doors

Two-Story Home Features

First Floor

2” x 4” @ 16” O.C. Marriage Wall

2” x 6” Ceiling Joists @ 16” O.C. with 2” x 12” Perimeter

Fiberglass Insulation around Perimeter between Floor and Ceiling

Second Floor – Floor System

2” x 8” Floor Joists @ 16” O.C. with 2” x 10” Perimeter (24’ Wide, 26’ Wide, and 28’ Wide Only)

2” x 10” Floor Joists @ 16” O.C. with 2” x 10” Perimeter (31’ Wide Only)


Stairs to Second Floor with Carpet and Pad

Drywall Left Off to Make Plumbing Connections as Floor Plan Dictates


2” x 6” @ 16” O.C. – 1st Floor

2” x 6” @ 24” O.C. – 2nd Floor

2nd Floor Siding

What Do These Standard Specs Look Like in Real Life?

We understand that our standard specs list is quite a lot of information to sort through. It can also be a little difficult to visualize what all of these measurements will look like in real life. That’s why we strongly urge future homeowners to visit our main office in person. Here, you can tour our fully built and decorated model homes. Take your time walking through these showcase homes to get a sense of the possibilities. Then, we’ll show you around our design center, where you can begin choosing your customization preferences.

When you work with Shorten Homes, you’ll never have to settle. Your options for customization are limited only to your budget and your imagination. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through your choices and ensure you’re fully informed before making decisions. We can’t wait to meet you and help you experience the thrill of homeownership! Contact us at info@ShortenHomes.com or swing by our design center in Scranton, PA to get the ball rolling.