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Shorten Homes: Embrace the Vibrant Lifestyle of Tompkins County, New York

Welcome to Shorten Homes in Tompkins County, NY, where the fusion of academic excellence and natural beauty creates an ideal environment for your custom modular home. Tompkins County, renowned for being home to prestigious Cornell University and Ithaca College, offers a unique blend of intellectual vibrancy, cultural diversity, and scenic landscapes, making it a perfect setting for those who seek a dynamic and enriching lifestyle.

Why Tompkins County, NY, is an Exceptional Choice for Your Shorten Home

  • Academic and Cultural Hub: The presence of Cornell University and Ithaca College contributes to a rich cultural and intellectual atmosphere.
  • Stunning Natural Beauty: From the gorges and waterfalls of Ithaca to the shores of Cayuga Lake, the county is a haven for nature lovers.
  • Vibrant Community Life: Known for its arts scene, music festivals, and community events, Tompkins County is full of life and activities.
  • Sustainable Living: The county is a leader in sustainability and environmental initiatives, ideal for those who value eco-friendly living.
  • Economic Growth: With a strong economy driven by education, technology, and tourism, Tompkins County offers stability and opportunity.

Top Towns in Tompkins County for Your Shorten Home

  1. Ithaca (Population: ~31,000): As the county seat, Ithaca is a bustling city known for its beautiful natural setting, vibrant cultural scene, and academic institutions.
  2. Dryden (Population: ~14,500): A blend of rural charm and suburban convenience, Dryden offers a peaceful lifestyle with easy access to Ithaca’s amenities.
  3. Lansing (Population: ~11,200): Bordering Cayuga Lake, Lansing is known for its scenic beauty and high quality of life, making it a desirable location for families and professionals.
  4. Trumansburg (Population: ~1,800): A small town with a big heart, Trumansburg is famous for its music festivals and close-knit community.

Explore Tompkins County’s Top Attractions and Events

  1. Cornell Botanic Gardens: A beautiful natural area and botanical garden that showcases the region’s flora and offers a peaceful retreat.
  2. Ithaca Festival: An annual celebration of the arts, featuring music, dance, and crafts, highlighting the creative spirit of the county.
  3. Cayuga Lake Wine Trail: Explore the oldest wine trail in America, offering exquisite wine tastings and breathtaking views of Cayuga Lake.

Tompkins County’s Economic Landscape

Tompkins County’s economy is anchored by its educational institutions, which are major employers and drivers of innovation. The county also benefits from a thriving technology sector, healthcare services, and a robust tourism industry, thanks to its scenic beauty and cultural offerings. Key employers in the region include:

  1. Cornell University: A leading Ivy League institution and a significant contributor to the local economy.
  2. Ithaca College: Known for its programs in music, communications, and liberal arts.
  3. Cayuga Medical Center: Providing essential healthcare services and employment opportunities in the region.

Your Dream Home with Shorten Homes in Tompkins County

Shorten Homes is committed to building homes that complement the unique character and vibrant lifestyle of Tompkins County. Our modular homes are designed for sustainability, comfort, and elegance, ensuring that your new home is a perfect addition to this dynamic community. Whether you’re attracted to Tompkins County for its academic environment, natural beauty, or economic stability, Shorten Homes is here to help you create a home that’s uniquely yours.

Contact us today to begin your journey to a beautiful, custom-built modular home in Tompkins County.

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