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All of our site work comes with standard specifications. All builders should designate this when giving prices. At Shorten Homes, our specifications are comprehensive and top-of-the-line. Site work is the other half of your total build. You have the home and site work together to equal the total build cost. We complete site work up to around 65 miles from our sales office in Scranton within the state of PA.

Home + Sitework= Total Build Cost

Unlike other builders, Shorten Homes allow customers to pick and choose what site work options they complete on their own.

We can complete:

  • Just the house
  • The house and electric hookups only
  • All and everything in between!

If Shorten Homes are doing your site work, it will make up the other half of your contract with us. One number is the home plus home options, the other is the site work costs. Together totals the contract price.

What if the site work is not done by Shorten Homes?

If Shorten Homes are not doing site work, and if you are using a financial institution to build, you will need to provide written quotes from every trade. This is needed to complete your build to a level that allows you to pass the final inspection and receive a certificate of occupancy. However, with Shorten Homes, you won’t have to do any of this.