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The base price of all our homes includes the home, sales tax, transportation, crane, set crew, basement supports, interior steps to the basement, finish trim crew, panel box installation, if we are contracted to complete the site work, dumpster & porta potty. This also includes a ten-year structural warranty and one-year service covering cracks, defects, incremental issues, etc. Most companies will only deliver, or charge for crane, set, finish, or not do altogether. With Shorten Homes, all of this is factored into the base price of each and every home.


If applicable, our wells, for the locations that need one, come standard with up to three hundred feet deep, up to sixty feet of steel casing, and up to a three-fourth hp pump. The pressure tank is located inside the home. This also includes a dedicated electrical circuit and pressure switch. The trench from the well to the home is dug, a line is installed, and filled. After completion, a certified well report is provided. All work regarding the well, including all plumbing and electrical work is provided in our well package.

Septic System

If a septic system must be built, it must be built to the township inspector’s septic design, so they all vary, however, our quote includes one hundred percent completed septic system. This includes the system hooked up to the inside of the foundation wall, 28” of grade variance allowed, septic alarm and all circuits, and all additional plumbing and electrical needed for a functional ready-to-use system.


At Shorten Homes, our driveways are 8” total combined thickness, a combination of road base material, and finished with gravel at the end of construction


Excluding HVAC, which is quoted per job, plumbing includes all water and sewer connections, PEX line, two exterior frost-free hose bibs, water heater installation and plumbing, and the washer and dryer hookups.


Overhead or underground includes a meter base with a mast through the roof if it is so required. Installation of six basement lights and three ground fault interrupter receptacles in the basement with a three-way single switch at the foot of the basement stairs. Installation of a smoke alarm, a dedicated water heater line, exterior lights, and installation of a panel box and crossover wires installed on the site.

If Shorten Homes is completing the site work, we assist and take care of all of the permits that need to be obtained. We only ask you to pay for what they cost, with no hidden fees. Garages, decks, porches, HVAC, additional dirt work, gutters, etc. are all quoted per job, and we ensure to exceed customer desires each and every time.